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Spring competition
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December 1 - 01:00 am


January 5 - 12:00 pm

As you may know, Badmintonvereniging Slotermeer has for years taken on the organization of the Open Team Championships and the Recreational Team Competitions. Badminton Netherlands is going to take over this now. It has been found that there is a need for a longer competition time and possibly also a different form (s). The competitions run from mid-February to early May 2019.

It is played in the following classes.

Seniors Class A: players allowed 5th Division (feathers)
Seniors Class B: players allowed 6th and 7th division (feathers)
Seniors Class C: players allowed 8th and 9th division (nylon)
Seniors Class D: players with up to 4 years of recreational playing experience (nylon)
Seniors Class E: players with up to 2 years of recreational playing experience (nylon)
Seniors Class F: men’s competition level 2nd and 3rd class region (feathers)
Seniors Class G: DUO team 8th and 9th division (plastic)
Seniors Class H: DUO team 6th and 7th division (feathers)

Higher registration is always allowed.

Please note that deadline is 5th January

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1) In the A class, no more teams are allowed than 12. These 12 teams play a whole league in two groups of six. The winners of the two groups will play a final. These teams play 5 games (MS, WS, MIX, MD and WD)
2) In classes B, C, D, E, and F, as many teams as possible in groups of up to 6 teams play a whole competition.
A prize is available for the group winners.
3) In all classes (except class A and G and youth) only doubles will be played tw: 1 x MD, 1 x WD, 2 x Mix or 1x MD, 1 x WD and 4 x Mix. A team therefore consists of at least 2 ladies and 2 men.
4) In the class F, matches of 6 matches will be played. T.w. 6 x MD. A team therefore consists of at least 4 men. (always another partner).
5) In class G and H there can be entered by 2 men, two women or male / female. These play 2 singles and 1 double. There are therefore 3 separate pools.
6) In principle, the matches will only be played on weekdays. The starting time is 19:30
7) Existing teams (who participated in the competition in the period September 2018-January 2019) do not pay registration fees. New youth teams = start-up competition, (may not have played before) played 20 euro pay new senior teams will pay 90 euro.