Competition (clothing)

Although BVA tends to see playing badminton mainly as a social activity, we participate with 9 teams in different classes of the competition organised by the Dutch Badminton Society. The regular competition starts in mid-September and runs until the beginning of February. Momentarily, there are 6 adult and 3 junior teams. Besides this BVA teams also participates in the after-competition (Spring competition) and competition for recreational players.
* Teams of the league competition 2020-2021
* Teams Youth Regio Competitie Noord-Holland/Centrum
* Competition forms for mixed, mens and mixed youth competition

If you are interested in playing competition please ask the competition leader for the possibilities.

Sponsored club shirt
Our club mate Edy, owner of Indonesian restaurant JUN, has decided to sponsor us. The logo of restaurant Jun is now on the back of our new club shirt and the BVA logo at the front. We have chosen for a ‘neutral’ but qualitatively good shirt that is available for a minimum of five years. The cost of the shirt is 30 euro (without sponsorship). Shirt is made of COOLPLUS FIBER (50% polyster and 50% coolplus).
Order and pay your shirt online via this link. After payment, send an e-mail with your invoice and account number to; You will receive 10 euro return.

The board of BVA expects each member that plays (regular) competition to play in this new clubshirt. We cannot compel anything but only stimulate by spending the sponsorship contribution at a discount on one shirt per member of 10 euros. Even non-league players can order this shirt.

Competition leader BVA-adults: Raimond Speckgens
Mobile: +31 6 4396 0441